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Improve signup quality

Signup quality is a critical component to delivering profit from any campaign. While it is important to keep the cost per signup low, if the quality is too low then initial signups may not convert into sales at a later date.

How to improve signup quality

There are a wide range of advanced targeting tactics both in and out of the search engines to boost signup quality, although covering all of these is beyond the scope of this website.

The starting point for any campaign we run is always your current customer profile as identified in our customer analysis. Any signup that matches your current customer profile is more likely to convert than a lead from a person who is simply looking for a service vaguely similar to yours.

Improving signup quality is the process of aligning your ppc campaigns to your target customer. We do this by combining ppc marketing services and ppc landing pages for maximum results and signup quality.

Improving signup quality as an ongoing process

Improving signup quality should be an ongoing process. We achieve this through a combination of direct and CRM integration where appropriate.

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