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Advanced Targeting

We use advanced targeting to get you sales leads from people who match your existing customer profile as identified in our detailed customer analysis. By making this the key focus of the campaign we ensure maximum conversion rate of the leads we generate for you to maximise ROI.

A key part of advanced targeting is segmenting your target customers by their motivation or by the service aspect they are interested in.

We are then able to create and deliver highly targeted messages to the right people at the right time by using a range of advanced targeting techniques both in and out of the search engines.

Advanced targeting within search engines

We use the latest and most advanced ppc customer targeting tactics to deliver advertisements targeted specifically at a customer segment we have identified.

Using advanced targeting in the search engines ensures that you are reaching the right people at the earliest point of the user journey that leads to your sales team. This means that the right people are visiting your ppc landing page or website from the start leading to naturally better quality sales leads and a higher ROI.

Advanced targeting through landing pages

Landing pages are highly targeted by nature and we always create several landing pages per campaign. This helps to create maximum customer engagement and deliver the right people to your sales team in the form of quality leads.

Dynamic ppc landing pages are often used to maximise conversions by displaying targeted messages to people who match your customer profile to generate the maximum number of sales leads from the people most likely to pay for your service.

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