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CRM integration

CRM integration is the most accurate and direct way to maximise ROI from your sales leads. It provides a direct link between online data and offline sales making optimisation towards actual profit a reality.

Integration from all search engines

We have developed in-house software that enables us to integrate fully for all search engines. In fact we can fully integrate our system for any traffic source that you might wish to use on a landing page.

Comprehensive data integration

Our system contains all the data from search engines and more. Data such as number of visits, time and date of visits, keyword and advertisement combinations and even business address.

We are combine all of this data with data from your CRM system to ensure that we are getting the maximum ROI from your sales leads.

Integration with any CRM system

Because our system does the majority of the work we are able to simply integrate with any CRM system. However, closer integration is possible with Sugar CRM and Salesforce.

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