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Lead quality feedback

Although CRM integration is the ultimate solution for linking offline sales to online costs, quality feedback often provides very useful additional information to maximise ROI.

If you have a long sales cycle or a low number of sales at a high value, lead quality feedback can help to improve lead quality more quickly and without having to wait for a high number of sales.

Automatic lead quality feedback

We have developed in-house software that enables each sales lead to contain information on which page they have visited on the website or landing page and also how they found the page, including search terms and advertisements.

Our system is also capable of feeding lead data directly back into the ppc campaigns so that we can optimise towards lead criteria that you determine.

Working with your sales team

We have experience of working with sales teams to help identify any issues with sales leads and improve quality based on feedback. This is a simple and yet powerful approach to implementing quality feedback that has delivered results for several of our clients.

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