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Communicating your message to the right people in the right way and at the right time creates maximum conversion rates, engagement and results.

Segmentation is the key to achieving this relevancy and we segment all of our campaigns by a wide range of factors to achieve the best possible results.

To see how we apply this type of segmentation in every stage of the user journey, select an option below:

  • ppc segmentation
  • landing page segmentation
  • Segmenting by user motivation

    Understanding the motivations of your target customer when they are looking for a service like yours is critical to delivering the best possible results.

    We start this process of understanding your target customer with an in-depth customer analysis. When we have learned all of the different reasons your customers use your service over your competitors, we can break these down into different groups by motivation for maximum relevancy and ROI.

    We use this advanced targeting to generate sales leads with ppc campaigns and landing pages that match the target customer's initial motivation with the aspect of your service they are most likely to pay for.

    Segmenting by service aspects

    Breaking down your service into it's core elements improves relevancy and delivers great results.

    Presenting your target customer with a service that more closely matches the service they are looking for than your competitors, helps to keep you one step ahead.

    We segment your service and present each distinct area as a separate service with dedicated landing pages and segmented ppc campaigns to create a smooth user journey from search to sale.

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