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Dynamic landing pages

Relevancy is the key to ppc marketing and dynamic landing pages can be used to boost landing page segmentation and relevancy and maximise results.

Dynamic landing pages change automatically to closely match what the visitor is looking for. Using dynamic landing pages can facilitate literally thousands of page variations without the need to build all of these pages individually.

Conversion focused landing pages

At a basic level, text on the landing page can be dynamically generated to match the search phrase typed into the search engine. This helps to match your offer to the original search in the visitors mind and naturally makes your service more appealing.

Every single aspect of the landing page design can be changed dynamically as well as the call to action to accurately target different groups of your target customer as defined in the segmentation analysis.

We design and build pages that can change automatically based on a range of factors including:

  • Keyword triggered
  • Advertisement clicked on
  • Actual search phrase typed into the search engine
  • Time of day
  • Geographical location of the searcher
  • Number of visits to the page
  • and many more
  • Correctly implementing dynamic elements to a ppc landing page can boost conversion rates significantly. See the dynamic page test results for more examples of how we have used dynamic ppc landing pages to deliver great results for our clients.

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