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Landing page design

PPC landing page design is very different to normal website design. Where websites often need to perform a number of roles and cater to various audiences, landing pages are very focused on a specific action and targeted at a very specific audience.

A well designed landing page accurately and concisely communicates your service in a way that engages website visitors and motivates them to take the next step.

Conversion focused landing pages

We have over nine years experience in designing ppc landing pages that generate sales leads and website signups. Our design process is focused on increasing revenue both from online and offline sales.

We know how to design landing pages to make sales leads cheaper and we know make design changes to improve the quality of sales leads.

We design landing pages that not only convert web traffic into sales leads and signups at significantly higher rates than normal, but also directly drive sales all along the sales process.

Customer-centric landing page design

Any landing page you create should directly speak to your target customer in a language they understand. The page should reflect how you already deal with and speak to your potential customers.

We conduct extensive customer analysis and competitor analysis to ensure that we understand who your customers are and how to make this type of person choose you over your competitors.

Everything from the style of the text on the page, the colours and images used, through to the call to action used on the landing page can be tailored based on your target customer's needs and wants.

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