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Landing page optimisation

Landing page optimisation is the process of constantly testing and improving landing pages to get maximum results.

Choosing what to test

Knowing what to test and when to test it is something that comes with years of experience across multiple industries.

Testing landing page variations is always conducted with an overall goal in mind and deciding what to test is entirely based on the objective.

Every single aspect of the landing page design can be changed dynamically as well as the call to action to accurately target different groups of your target customer as defined in the segmentation analysis.

Every aspect of a ppc landing page can make a significant difference to the overall performance. From the layout of the page, call to actions and headline all the way down to whether the phone number is in bold or not can significantly improve or reduce performance.

Optimising landing pages for quality conversions

Quality is king when it comes to delivering profitable advertising campaigns. It is one thing to generate lots of cheap sales leads or website signups but another to directly drive revenue beyond that initial conversion.

We optimise to improve customer engagement in order to prime sales leads or signups for the next stage of the sales process. Changes can be made and tested to every aspect of the landing page to improve quality.

Multivariate and a/b split testing

We employ a range of statistical analysis methods to conduct and analyse results from optimisation. We ensure that results are statistically valid before deciding on a test winner.

A/B testing is often used to test a new landing page variation or a single change to any landing page element. If the volume of traffic to the page is relatively low a/b split testing is usually the best way to get results fast.

Multivariate testing can be used to test different combinations of landing page elements to find the best solution. Multivariate testing is more sophisticated and can deliver more accurate results when the traffic levels are sufficiently high.

Correctly implementing dynamic elements to a ppc landing page can boost conversion rates significantly. See the dynamic page test results for more examples of how we have used dynamic ppc landing pages to deliver great results for our clients.

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