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Landing page segmentation

Landing page segmentation is the process of creating a series of unique landing pages to target the different groups identified in segmentation analysis.

Creating separate highly targeted ppc landing pages maximises conversion rates by promoting the most relevant aspect of your service to your target customer. When combined with ppc segmentation, this creates a smooth user journey from initial search through to paying for your service that delivers outstanding results.

Segmenting landing pages by motivation

Landing pages can be changed to specifically address the key motivations that different groups of people have to search for and use a service like yours.

Changes can be made to landing page call to actions, content, layout and even colour scheme to appeal directly to the specific needs of a group of target customers as identified in the segmentation analysis.

Landing pages can be created on an individual basis or change dynamically to match ppc segmentation groups for maximum conversion rates and results.

Segmenting landing pages by different service aspects

Separate landing pages can be used to communicate each individual aspect of your service. Combining these pages with a segmented ppc campaign promotes the specific aspect of your service your target customer is looking for.

Using landing pages in this way help to make you stand out from your competitors by increasing the relevancy of your service in comparison to theirs.

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