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PPC call to action

The call to action is a critical part of any ppc marketing campaign. The ppc call to action provides both the motivation to click on the advertisement and also to complete an action on the website or landing page.

Creating a PPC call to action that stands out

The call to action used in advertisements must sufficiently stand out from your competitors to achieve maximum results. We start with competitor analysis to get a full understanding of your industry and how you differ from your competitors.

Once we have created a series of call to actions that stand out from your competitors, we monitor your ppc competitors call to actions and make any necessary changes to ensure that you always stay one step ahead.

Multiple PPC call to actions for maximum results

Creating multiple call to actions within the ppc campaign gives a greater degree of flexibility and can greatly enhance results.

Separate call to actions can be created for each separate target group selected in the segmentation process. Because the individual groups have different concerns and requirements, different call to actions can be created to achieve maximum relevancy.

PPC and landing page call to actions can be combined and split tested on our in-house software to be sure that the best possible results are being achieved.

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