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PPC competitor monitoring

Knowing your competitors is critical to ppc marketing success. We always start with a detailed competitor analysis so that we can effectively differentiate you from your competitors for maximum results.

From here it is important to stay on top of your competitors movements and detect any strategic changes so that you can stay ahead and keep improving results.

Learn your competitors PPC strategies

If you receive a significant proportion of traffic from several high volume keywords then it is important to know how the key competitors highlighted in the competitor analysis are bidding on those keywords.

We use third party tools to monitor selected groups of keywords and advertisements so that we know how competitors are targeting these key phrases, the bidding strategies they use and how these changes over time.

Using this data to help make decisions on how to maximise results on your top performing keywords can help to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Monitoring changes to competitor offers

How competitors present themselves to your target customers is not limited to the keywords and the advertisements they use. Visitors to your website or ppc landing page are also likely to view your key competitor's website before contacting you.

We use third party tools to monitor when competitors change their landing pages. This allows us to respond to changes in offer or call to action on their page if necessary, ensuring differentiation and maximum results.

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