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PPC customer targeting

Understanding who your customers are is critical to ppc marketing success. Following an in-depth customer analysis we are able to precisely target people who match your customer profile and so are more likely to pay for your services.

Selecting keywords based on your customer profile

Because we make it our business to understand your typical customers demographic and their needs, wants and motivations we are able to choose the keywords they are most likely to use.

Also, knowing who your customers are not allows for highly relevant negative keyword selection. This reduces the use of keywords that might provide cheap traffic and enquiries or signups - but few sales. This can help to significantly boost results - specifically where offline sales are involved.

Using your customers as the starting point for keyword research and selection ensures that the right people find your website or landing page and that signups or sales leads are from the people most likely to pay for your service.

Advertisements that appeal to the right people

Advertisements are often used in ppc marketing as a filter, to help reduce clicks from people who do not meet a certain criteria.

By basing our advertisements on detailed customer analysis, competitor analysis and using highly relevant call to actions our ads positively attract the type of people most likely to pay for your service.

Advanced targeting techniques

By knowing who your customers are, advanced ppc targeting techniques can be used to reach people who match your customer profile.

Knowledge on where they live and how they live provides opportunity to reach them at the best possible opportunity. Geographic targeting, time of day, demographic, re-targeting and a whole range of other advanced tactics can all be used to ensure maximum exposure to your target audience.

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