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PPC user journey

The user journey starts with a search and continues through your website or ppc landing page and ends with a purchase of your product or service.

The ppc user journey is about matching keywords and advertisements together in a way that prepares the searcher in the best possible way for your website or landing page and ready to buy your product or service. Being consistent in the search engine with results.

Controlling the ppc user journey is critical to engaging the right sort of people as identified in a customer analysis. From the initial search, through to subsequent searches and landing page visits, getting the user journey right within the ppc campaign is critical to achieving outstanding results.

Selecting the right keyword combinations

The ppc user journey really starts in your target customer's mind, when they decide to start looking for a solution for their need or want.

Understanding who your target customer is through extensive customer analysis is critical to being able to understand how they will search. By knowing which keywords apply specifically to your target customer, we are able to grab your target customer's attention as efficiently as possible.

When the target keywords have been identified, these are categorized according to their level of intent, including less specific keywords that your target customer might use when they start searching. This means that we can grab their attention from the moment they start searching and before they are taken by competitors.

Advertisements designed for your target customer

Advertisements are the first point of engagement with your future customer. They must be aligned with your brand and communicate call to actions aligned to the service or product you are selling.

After we have decided how to segment your service within the search engines, advertisements can be created to specifically address the motivations of people looking for a specific aspect of your service. This is different to simply aligning advertisements to keyword text and makes the user journey from search to landing page more connected to your business and the end product.

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