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PPC segmentation

PPC campaign segmentation is the process of grouping keywords by similar themes but also by different aspects of your service and user search motivation.

Segmenting traffic by motivation

Segmenting ppc campaigns by the intentions of the original search helps to improve the effectiveness of call to actions which are created to match the searcher's level of intent and motivation.

Segmentation of ppc campaigns in this way allows for tight control of the user journey from initial search through to purchasing your product or service.

Segmenting traffic by different service aspects

Your different customers will use your service for different reasons. It is often possible to create separate ppc campaigns to highlight the most important aspect of your service to individual groups of people based on the searches they conduct.

Segmenting keywords in this way allows for highly targeted advertisements and landing pages and call to actions that create a consistent targeted user journey all the way to your sales team or online checkout.

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