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Results from advanced targeting

Advanced targeting is used to both find your target customer and then give them precisely the information they need to decide to contact you or signup.

We use advanced targeting for all of our clients to help deliver the most relevant traffic and convert our client's target customers into sales leads and online conversions. Advanced targeting can be used at every stage of the user journey

Advanced targeting case study

What happened

Initially higher cost per lead

Increased quality of enquiries

Improved ROI and profit


Franklins solicitors LLP has been established for over 30 years and deals in Personal and Business law

Franklins came to us with a desire to boost sales in their Family Law department through generation of quality sales leads from people prepared to pay for a quality service.

What we did

After performing a customer analysis, including a consultation with the sales team, we discovered that the typical customer values quality face-to-face contact and the convenience of a local solicitor over the price.

PPC customer targeting techniques were used, including prioritising keywords that included locations near Franklins offices and excluding keywords that included locations away from the office. Advanced ppc targeting tactics within search engines were also used to catch all searches in the local area that did not include a location. Keywords that indicated that searchers were looking for a quality service were also prioritised.

Dynamic landing pages were used to promote the locality based on the visitors search phrase. These ppc landing pages were also designed to appeal directly to the typical customer to help boost conversion rates for the right people.

Although using advanced targeting in this way initially increased the cost per sales lead, the quality of sales leads was also increased dramatically. This led to a significantly higher conversion rates offline and turned the campaign into a highly profitable source of business for the family law department.

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