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Improved lead quality

Lead quality is a critical component to delivering profit from any campaign. While it is important to keep the cost per lead low, if the quality is too low then the leads will not convert into sales.

We are experts at generating quality sales leads for our clients. This is made possible by our thorough marketing approach used to understand who your customers and competitors are combined with our ability to link online marketing campaigns with offline sales.

Improved lead quality case study

What happened

Increased cost per lead by 15%

Increased offline conversion rates by 50%

Boosted overall profit significantly


CV Writing specialist is a company dedicated to writing CVs for students and professionals in a wide range of industries.

CV Writing Specialist had been successfully generating quality sales leads via ppc marketing campaigns for some time and had just started using Sugar CRM to help manage the sales process.

What we did

CRM integration of our system with Sugar CRM was the first stage of the process to improve lead quality.

After sufficient data was gathered, we pulled data on appointments from Sugar CRM linked through to our ppc marketing campaigns with a simple sales lead ID number and without any personal details of each sales prospect.

Statistical analysis was performed on the data to spot patterns and combinations of keywords and advertisements that generated appointments for the minimum cost possible.

Based on this analysis, keywords and advertisements were re-prioritised based on cost per appointment rather than less relevant cost per enquiry. New advertisements were also created based on what had worked from a cost per appointment basis so far.

The ppc landing page used for the campaign was also optimised based on the sales appointment data including the overall design and content of the page so that the lowest cost per appointment could be achieved.

Following these changes, the cost per lead actually increased by 15% leading to an overall reduction in sales leads for the budget. However, conversion rates offline increased by around 50% leading to a significant boost to profit caused directly by the improved quality of sales leads.

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