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Improved ROI

Maximising ROI is the key to running any successful ppc campaign.

We are experts at improving the ROI for our clients. Whether you sell online or offline, our approach is designed to make your service stand out to the right people at the right time.

Because we make your target customer the focus of everything we do, we can ensure that each sales lead or signup is from a person that is interested in paying for your service. This helps to save costs at the front end and improve conversion rates on your website at the same time - delivering maximum ROI for your advertising spend.

Improved ROI case study

What happened

Landing pages boost revenue by 4%

Website optimisation boosts revenue by 5%

Revenue increased by over 9% for no additional cost


Forces War Records is the leading website dedicated to Military Genealogy in the UK.

Alongside running their ppc marketing campaigns Forces War Records asked us to come up with ideas to help boost conversions and payments on their website

What we did

Based on our customer analysis and competitor analysis we had a good understanding of why the typical customer uses the service and also the key strengths and weaknesses of Forces War Records against its key competitors in the search engine environment.

We then started analysing the user journey from the customerís perspective and combined this with Google Analytics data to gain an understanding of the current elements of the website design that were working and which were not.

The first step was to create a series of ppc landing pages designed to improve the user journey at the front end. The ppc landing pages were designed to clearly communicate the points identified as most important to the target customer and linked these from the initial search through to the first conversion step.

The second step was to look at the user journey through the multiple conversion steps on the website. The paid subscription option was re-branded and applied at every step of the conversion process. This made the user journey through the conversion process clearer and tied in the benefits the target customer was looking for from start to payment.

Both the ppc landing page and re-branding of the paid member subscription option were split tested across a combination of Google Website Optimizer and in-house systems to look for statistically significant results.

The ppc landing pages made a direct contribution of a 4% increase in revenue compared to the previous page used for ppc traffic. The website optimisation work in re-branding the paid subscription option resulted in an increase of 5% of revenue compared to the original format.

This is just an example of the work we do for Forces War Records. Please contact us to learn more about the work we do for this client and our full range of clients.

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