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Reduce the cost per lead

If the cost per lead is too high then it will make any campaign unprofitable, irregardless of the quality of the leads.

We are experts at reducing the cost of sales leads for our clients. Because we control both the ppc marketing campaign and the ppc landing page, we can ensure that the user journey is a smooth as possible.

Combined with our thorough customer analysis and competitor analysis, we give our clients the upper hand when it comes to achieving the maximum return possible.

Reduced cost per lead case study

What happened

75% reduction in cost per lead

Increased volume of enquiries by 8X

Improved ROI and profit


Top Height Training Ltd provides health and safety training to businesses and individuals across the UK.

Top Height Training had run their PPC campaigns in-house and came to us to help boost their overall return on investment from their advertising budget.

What we did

We started by talking to the directors of the company to discuss the different profitability of the courses on offer versus the cost per sales lead for each course. It was decided that as much of the budget as possible should go into promoting the most profitable course first.

Customer analysis was conducted and highlighted that people want to study close to their business location or home. This was selected as a key area of differentiation against competitors who simply advertised a national service.

We created a segmented ppc marketing campaign based on the different training centres across the country along with a series of dynamic ppc landing pages to ensure a smooth user journey from search to sales lead.

The net result was a reduction in cost per lead of 75% on the targeted highly profitable leads , while at the same time boosting volume by 8X the previous rate of sales lead generation.

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